ChatGPT experiences a decline in traffic as individuals exhibit a waning interest in AI chatbots

Priya Walia


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ChatGPT, a well-received AI chatbot, has experienced a decrease of approximately 10 percent in its user base since its inception in November. The underlying reasons for this phenomenon warrant consideration. Could it indicate waning public interest in artificial intelligence or a growing inclination towards alternative platforms such as the Bard or Microsoft Bing? The report alludes to these inquiries, implying a potential change in individuals’ involvement with AI technology.

Based on a recent report published by Similarweb, a renowned market intelligence, and web analytics firm, there has been a notable decline observed in the user base of the widely recognized AI chatbot. June 2023 recorded the first decrease ever experienced by the application, with a global reduction of nearly 10 percent in mobile and desktop traffic to the bot’s website during June. Correspondingly, a decrease in downloads of the bot’s iPhone app was also noted.

According to the findings, the AI chatbot’s November launch resulted in a considerable upsurge in web traffic and rapid growth in user interaction. Nevertheless, starting in March, the pace of this expansion began to decelerate, leading to a noticeable decline in May.

Moreover, the report demonstrates a consistent decrease in visitor engagement per visit to the ChatGPT website, indicating a reduction in the time spent by individuals on the site.

In the United States alone, there was a significant downward trend, with a decline of 10.3% on a monthly basis. Moreover, the count of distinct individuals visiting ChatGPT experienced a decrease of 5.7% compared to the previous month. In terms of popularity as an AI-driven chatbot platform, OpenAI’s chatbot remains unrivaled, outperforming Microsoft’s Bing Chat.

The precise factors contributing to this decline remain uncertain; however, Similarweb suggests that the initial allure of AI may have diminished, causing people to view it with less excitement and fascination than before. The Washington Post speculates that a potential factor might involve college students, who, during their summer break, have been resorting to utilizing the application for academic dishonesty. This phenomenon might contribute to the overall decrease in user engagement observed during this period.

Via YAHOO Finance