Microsoft adds “ChatGPT” to all the things – this time it’s Viva Sales

Kevin Okemwa


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Microsoft seems to be on a roll, Viva Sales being the latest product to hop on the ChatGPT craze. The company has announced the preview of a new generative AI-powered experience in Microsoft Viva Sales incorporating GPT 3.5 via the Azure OpenAI service, and designed to help sellers communicate effectively and efficiently with clients.

Ultimately, they’ll now be able to focus on key areas such as establishing contacts, building rapport, and creating long-term and meaning full relationships with key players in the industry.

According to Microsoft:

Viva Sales will now generate suggested email content for a variety of scenarios—such as replying to an inquiry or creating a proposal—complete with data specifically relevant to the recipient, such as pricing, promotions, and deadlines. By auto-suggesting customizable content, sellers can spend less time composing emails and searching for sales data from colleagues and databases.

Per a new report commissioned by Microsoft, findings suggest that the management of emails by sellers takes up to 66% of the seller’s day leaving little time to focus on what really matters. This in turn creates an impediment that prevents them from turning their businesses into profitable ventures.

But GPT 3.5’s integration to Viva Sales will help sellers mitigate this issue since it will provide “access to rich, people-centric data and insights in the Microsoft Cloud”. Sellers will get notified when they need to contact a prospective client and make inquiries, general after-sale services, and more.

Microsoft further indicated that:

Viva Sales can remind sellers when it’s time to follow up with a prospect or customer and then auto-generate a preformatted email response with personalized text and next best actions, along with details such as product descriptions, proposals, and deadlines. When responding to an email, Viva Sales provides sellers in-the-moment suggested responses based upon categories such as “make a proposal”, “reply to an inquiry,” or “suggest your own”. The seller simply selects the option to suit their needs and a reply is generated for the seller to review, edit to their liking, and send.

The automated responses are enriched with data from Microsoft Graph which in turn provide access to “people-centric” data and insights in the Microsoft Cloud, that is, Microsoft 365, Windows, and more. Here’s a glimpse of the tool while in use:

graphical user interface, text, application, email

With the inception of ChatGPT features that provide human-like responses, opportunities that sellers could tap into are endless. In related news, Microsoft has incorporated ChatCPT across an array of its products and services since the year began, that is, Teams Premium. There are also some reports indicating that it will feature in Bing Search, Office apps, and Azure’s OpenAI Service,

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