Microsoft starts rolling out Bing Chat’s most requested feature

Kevin Okemwa

Bing Chat

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Microsoft has been busy at work pushing updates as well as improvements to its AI-powered chatbot ever since its debut. However, users have for a long time requested the company to provide them with a way to save their chats while leveraging Bing Chat’s capabilities.

A week ago, Microsoft announced major improvements coming to Bing Chat including third-party plugins and chat saving support. Chat saving support is one of the most requested features by users.

And as it now seems, the feature has started rolling out to users as spotted by the folks over at Windows Central and Neowin. Several users have also indicated that they now have access to the feature in r/bing on Reddit.

Unfortunately, the feature isn’t available to me just yet. This could be an indication that it is still rolling out to users and that it’s likely to ship to everyone towards the end of this month.

It’s also worth noting that the feature seems to be limited to the web version of Bing Chat, meaning that it’s yet to ship to the Bing and Edge mobile apps.

With this feature in place, users will be able to save their Bing Chat conversation threads in the new Recent Activity section at the right. What’s more, the save chats will also feature a timestamp.

Additionally, users have the capability to edit their chats though there’s still a cap placed on the number of responses. You can also rename the threads if you want for easier identification or deletion purposes.

Do you have access to the chat saving feature in Bing Chat? Let us know in the comments.