Chase Bank to support Microsoft Wallet, but not until next year

Kareem Anderson

Roughly 621 days ago, Chase Bank ended support of its app for Windows Phones and in doing so left a gaping hole for users in North America who relied on the both their devices and the software for convenient smartphone banking.

While the app at the time was a little more than a web wrapper, its presence singled, in parts, the viability of Windows Phones as a potential option when considering the future of mobile banking. When it was removed, Chase Bank (along with others) all but singled the end of Microsoft’s pitch of Windows-powered phones as an option for smartphone users looking to take part in the mobile banking renaissance.

However, over the past few months to a year, the number of banks returning to the platform with renewed interest and development has been a pleasant surprise for Windows phone users, to say the least.

Now, close to two years later, Chase Bank is showing signs of a potential return to Windows phones as its official Chase Support Twitter account claims that it plans to support Microsoft Wallet next year.

While not an outright admission of a full-scale mobile app development like its brethren on Android and iOS, the support of Microsoft Wallet is still rather big news. The potential for Windows 10 Mobile users to use their phones in similar tap-to-pay fashion as Android and iOS users with Chase Bank brings Microsoft’s platform another step closer to filling in some of the missing mobile experiences that have derided it for some time now.

We’ll continue to pester Chase Support to find out more details regarding the type of support and perhaps narrow down a timeframe. Stay tuned!