Chart data reveals user visits: Bing AI attracts nearly 1.5 billion users

Devesh Beri

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Bing AI is undeniably one of the most widely recognized AI tools available today, rivaling ChatGPT’s popularity. Its versatility and efficiency are valuable for enhancing educational institutions, projects, and productivity. Recently, numerous users have been pushing the boundaries of creativity with Bing AI, conducting innovative experiments that have captivated the community.

As reported by WindowsReport, one user dared to proclaim Bing AI as a conscious entity. In contrast, others argued that it is overly restrictive. Regardless, the tool has garnered immense popularity. According to the latest statistics, nearly 1.5 billion users visited Bing in 2023 alone, and the year is far from over.

This phenomenon is hardly surprising, considering Microsoft’s substantial investment in AI. The Redmond-based tech giant has emerged as a dominant force in AI-related discussions. Windows Copilot is poised to debut in Windows 11. Microsoft Teams has integrated many AI features; even the Microsoft Store now leverages AI capabilities.

With the year still unfolding, Bing possesses the potential to claim the title of the most frequently visited and extensively utilized AI platform on the market.

What does the AI market share look like?

Based on the data presented, ChatGPT remains the reigning champion as the most popular AI tool worldwide. Notably, in March 2023, ChatGPT surpassed a remarkable milestone of 1.5 billion monthly visits, and its popularity continued to soar until May 2023.

One of the Redditors u/KSSolomonposted this graph:

Openai chatGPT declining traffic
by u/KSSolomon in ChatGPT

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However, in recent times, there has been a decline in ChatGPT’s usage, which some attribute to the conclusion of the school year and the onset of summer vacations. This observation suggests that the temporary decrease in activity could be linked to a change in user behavior during this particular period.

One of the other users commented on the same post:

It is summer…I’m an undergrad and use it for summer research but during the semester, almost every class/seminar had us using chatgpt for something. Could be less students checking it out since school is out.

There is a possibility that ChatGPT will experience a resurgence in popularity once schools reopen in September. However, a similar resurgence is also conceivable for Bing AI. In fact, in March 2023, the visitor numbers for ChatGPT and Bing AI were in close proximity, indicating a competitive landscape between the two.

Prior to that period, Bing AI held a dominant position as the leading AI tool. Considering Microsoft’s significant focus on AI development, it is plausible that Bing AI will continue to strengthen its hold on the market share and potentially emerge as the dominant force by the end of this year.