Charge your Xbox One controller in under 60 seconds with the Super Charger


Performance Design Products or PDP as they are known in the videogame accessory world, has released information about their latest Xbox One controller charger. Unlike most chargers on the market today, this charger has the ability to fully charge your controller in 60 seconds. Called the Supercharger, it allows 10-12 hours of gameplay from a charge that takes less time than your bathroom break on COD.
With current chargers taking hours to complete a full charge, this is a welcome addition to the accessory world. Chief technology officer Tom Roberts from PDP had this to say about the peripheral (via IGN):

The Super Charger’s unique ability to recharge the Xbox One controller in just seconds reduces interruption in game play sessions – a full recharge during a quick break provides convenience to all gamers

Being an industry first, the charger has scarce details available on pricing, availability, or release date. With the upcoming CES show, we will be able to gather more information about this exciting new accessory and hopefully a release date.