Channel 9 is the place to go for Edge Web Summit 2016 videos

Kareem Anderson

150 million devices using Edge

Now that Microsoft’s Edge Web Summit 2016 has come to a close, all the news, announcements and reveals from the event can be re-lived on Microsoft’s Channel 9.

With over 300 developers gathered from around the world and the thousands of online viewers streaming the event, Microsoft made the most out of its second annual Edge-related conference. Following Build 2016, engineers and developers deep-dived into the various new API’s, platform Data, and features coming to the browser and web as a whole.

Among the announced tools and tweaks, highlights included:

  • Platform Issues, which allows you to file bugs or search for known issues in EdgeHTML
  • Platform Data, where we’ve shared a comprehensive API catalog and telemetry on Global CSS Property Usage – more detail on these tools coming to the blog soon!
  • Refreshed virtual machines for testing Microsoft Edge on a Mac or Linux

Obviously, the summit held much more information than that listed above and to get into the nitty-gritty of the details, head over to Microsoft’s Channel 9 to see all the announcements in their uninterrupted glory.