ChangeBASE Launches AOKLite for the IT Pro Community


ChangeBASE, the world leader in automated application compatibility testing and remediation, today announces the launch of AOKLite – a free, downloadable version of ChangeBASE’s core software, the AOK Workbench. AOKLite will enable members of the global Microsoft TechNet community to test and automatically fix up to 10 of their own applications for compatibility with Microsoft’s Windows 7.

The AOK Workbench automates the process of identifying and solving incompatibilities between new or updated software and the existing infrastructure, as well as highlighting incompatible applications before a migration takes place. It automates many of the other tasks in the packaging process, such as enforcing standards, resolving inter-application conflicts and Windows Installer errors, to enable faster, more cost-effective migrations. This first version of AOKLite will focus on compatibility problems arising when migrating to Windows 7, the major IT journey ahead for many organisations in 2011. Future versions of the software will be released every month, extending AOKLite’s functionality to include IE8 and AppV compatibility checks.

As of today, AOKLite can be accessed by the 22.5 million-strong global network of Microsoft IT Professionals through the Springboard Series on TechNet, The Springboard Series Insider Newsletter, Springboard on Windows Team Blog, The Springboard Series Tour and the @MSSpringboard Twitter feed.

“Application compatibility is one of the crucial factors in companies being able to easily move from Windows XP and Internet Explorer 6 to Windows 7 and Internet Explorer 8 and 9 – and easy to use application compatibility tools are key to giving IT pros the capability to move forward with their deployments,” adds Stephen Rose, Windows IT Pro Community Manager. “Moreover, as AOKLite allows users to evaluate the AOK software against their own apps, it will provide a real understanding of the unique journey their organisation is embarking on when planning and carrying out an IT migration project.”

“With the analyst community predicting that over 60 per cent of global organisations will begin their migration to Windows 7 in 2011, it is more important than ever for IT Professionals to be able to quickly identify and solve application compatibility issues,” says John Tate, MD, ChangeBASE. “We are pleased to be supporting Microsoft’s vibrant IT Pro community with AOKLite. This is just the beginning of our work with the network and we will be regularly releasing new versions of the portal as the community’s compatibility needs continue to evolve.”