ChangeBASE gives organisations more control of their application portfolio than ever before with launch of AOK 4.0


Technology leader announces significant enhancements to market leading automated application compatibility testing and remediation software

London, 8 November 2010 – [url=]ChangeBASE Limited[/url], the global leader in automated application compatibility testing and remediation, today announces the launch of AOK 4.0. This latest version of the market leading software, gives organisations greater control, visibility and management of their application portfolios. It enables instant testing and remediation and a greater level of granular reporting than ever before.

More Applications – Better Coverage: This latest version of AOK has been developed to cover a wide range of application formats (including App-V(SFT), Radia, SWVS, web applications, source code; HTML, XML, XXL,CSS and Java), offering broader coverage of applications for desktop, server, web and virtualised environments – the full spectrum of an organisation’s application portfolio. Those IT managers wishing to get a 360° view of their application portfolio in preparation for a migration, or as part of their ‘Business As Usual’ (BAU) strategy, can now achieve better communication on extended API references and a more reliable level of dependency on their data than has previously been possible.

Improved Reporting – Better Detail: As part of ChangeBASE’s extensive and ongoing development of its AOK suite of products, the reporting of application compatibility issues has also been significantly enhanced. The introduction of a detailed online dashboard allows system administrators to drill down in to compatibility issues, test results and additional user-defined fields, with the enhanced logging functionality also providing full audit history and improved error reporting.

“This year has seen the enterprise uptake of Windows 7 beating all expectations, not to mention the launch of Office 2010 and virtualisation now move into the mainstream,” says Greg Lambert, Chief Technology Architect, ChangeBASE. “As such, for businesses undergoing these major IT transitions, it is vital that all business-critical applications are tested and fixed where necessary, to ensure a smooth and efficient roll-out, with minimal disruption to staff and operations. Working with our database of over 250,000 rules to test compatibility, AOK 4.0 offers those coordinating a migration a breadth and depth of application testing, reporting and fixing that has previously not been possible.

Lambert concludes; “with AOK’s latest enhancements, organisations can speed up the time it takes to migrate whilst making significant cost-savings. Thinking ahead, it is those businesses that can create a clean and quality application portfolio today that will benefit from significantly easier migration planning and roll-out in the future.”