Change of plan! Microsoft doesn’t actually want to rename Spanish soccer stadium


Change of plan! Microsoft doesn't actually want to rename Spanish soccer stadium

Earlier in the month it was suggested that Microsoft was involved in talks with Spanish soccer team Real Madrid to rename their stadium. But it seems that any talks that may have been taking place been the sports club and Microsoft have been misinterpreted. President of Microsoft Spain, Maria Garana has set the record straight.

In an interview with Spanish press agency EFE, Garana explained that neither Real Madrid nor Microsoft had expressed interest in the idea. She went on to say that while there is a relationship between Microsoft and the Spanish soccer team, it is “fundamentally based in technology and innovation”.

It is probably a good idea that these plans are not going ahead — whether it is because talks were shelves, or because the renaming was never on the agenda in the first place. Real Madrid fans had voiced displeasure when rumors of the renaming started. Their home, Bernabeu Stadium, is named after the country’s former president Santiago Bernabeu.

However, it seems likely that the soccer team will be involved in the launch of the Xbox One on 22 November. We already know that there are launch day events planned all over the world and taking into account the strongly rumored street soccer show it would not be in the least bit surprising if the team was involved in promotional work.