CES 2022: Killer Instinct to launch Arcade1Up’s new Pro Series gaming cabinets

Brad Stephenson

Killer Instinct™ Arcade Machine PRO SERIES Edition

Arcade1Up today announced a new Pro Series line of premium gaming cabinets that will launch with Killer Instinct this year with a new title planned every quarter.

These new Pro Series cabinets are closer in size to proper arcade cabinets with a 19 inch screen, 5:4 aspect ratio, improved speakers, better quality joysticks and controls, a faux chrome trim, and even a 3D-molded coin door​ with light-up coin slots for each player.

The Killer Instinct Arcade Machine Pro Series Edition will include the original Killer Instinct and Killer Instinct 2 video games, BattleToads Arcade, BattleToads 8 Bit, and BattleToads 16 Bit. Wi-Fi functionality is also included which enables online multiplayer.

Interested gamers and collectors can sign up for updates on the Killer Instinct Arcade Machine Pro Series Edition cabinet here while those on a budget can pick up the smaller Killer Instinct cabinet here which is expected to ship sometime this month.

Arcade1Up also announced a line of Legacy Edition cabinets at CES 2022. These systems will boast around 14 titles each from game publishers such as Midway, Atari, and Bandai Namco and will support Wi-Fi for online multiplayer.

Killer Instinct was one of the more popular fighting games of the 90s both in gaming arcades and on home consoles. The franchise experienced a bit of renewed popularity when a modern reboot was released as a console exclusive for Microsoft’s Xbox One console. This version of the game is still featured in fighting game tournaments and has a small yet vocal and passionate fanbase.

Killer Instinct is currently free to play on Windows PC, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X for those with an active Xbox Game Pass subscription. It can also be played via Xbox Cloud Gaming on all supported devices.

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