CES 2016: LG plans to show off new cutting-edge OLED and LCD displays

Mark Coppock

LG Monitor CES 2016

Organic light-emitting diode (OLED) displays have been a mainstay among smartphones, including a few Lumia devices, offering up stunning blacks and excellent colors. Recently, OLED has been making it into larger displays such as computer monitors and TVs as production technology and yields continue to increase. LG is the latest to get into the game, and they have a few OLED products on the way at CES 2016.

Using the slogan “Your Imagination, Our Innovation,” LG is highlighting both upcoming shipping products and futuristic prototypes. In terms of products people will actually be able to purchase, LG is offering 65- and 77-inch UHD OLED TV panels with excellent contrast, color accuracy, and viewing angles, along with High Dynamic Range (HDR) capabilities to ensure good performance in scenes with varying brightness.

LG is also showing off a flexible OLED panel, the 30R 18-inch rollable display, that can be rolled up (natch) like a newspaper. A 55-inch OLEX TV paper-thin panel and a matched pair of 65-inch “extreme curve” OLED displays round out the prototypes.

LG will also be offering new LCD TV panels with borderless features dubbed “Art Slim,” a 65-inch UND panel utilizing M+ tech with HDR to reduce power usage while maximizing brightness, and the world’s first 8K (7,680 X 4,320) resolution 65-inch TV so consumer can stay well ahead of the resolution curve.

Other new upcoming products include some in their Commercial Line, including an 86-inch stretched LCD panel with a 58:9 aspect ratio for displays, and a video wall utilizing four 55-inch LCD panels and the world’s thinnest bezels (0.9mm thin). A 25-inch “waterfall” curved LCD and a 10.3-inch “Advanced In-Cell Touch” LCD supporting gloved touch are coming for automotive applications.