CES 2014: 20-inch Toughpad 4K performance model unveiled by Panasonic


CES 2014: 20-inch Toughpad 4K performance model unveiled by Panasonic

There has been a lot of exciting tech coming out of CES 2014, and the latest announcement from Panasonic is something pretty special — and rather pretty. Tablet PCs have quickly grown in popularity, and now they are starting to grow in size. Just as phones have gradually started to become larger and larger, so tablets are expanding. Panasonic’s latest offering is an impressive 20 inches in size!

We have known about the 20-inch 4K Toughpad for a little while now and it was only the other day that we were shown the super-rugged 7-inch version. Well now the wait is over for anyone looking for a (much, much) larger-screened device.

In addition to the standard 20″ Panasonic Toughpad 4K Tablet, there is also a “performance model” to look forward to in spring. There are a number of upgrades from the standard version, including jumping from an Intel Core i5 processor to an Intel Core i7. There’s also an NVIDIA Quadro K1000 GPU rather than the NVIDIA GeForce GT745M, and a boosted battery ensures longer life.

Those specs in full:

  • Microsoft Windows 8.1 Pro
  • Intel Core i7-3687 vPro Processor- 2.1GHz with Turbo Boost up to 3.3GHz
  • NVidia Quadro K1000M GPU
  • 2GB dedicated VRAM
  • 256GB SSD
  • 16GB RAM
  • HD 720p webcam with microphone

Additional details are available at the Panasonic website. But of course it is the 20-inch 4k LCD with LED backlighting running at a resolution of 3840 x 2560 that really steals the show. Being a Toughpad, the device can withstand a 2.5 foot drop.

There’s no word on pricing yet, but as the standard version of this tablet has a $5,999 price tag, it is going to be beyond the reach of most people. Still… it’s nice to dream!