CES 2012 will not see big news from Microsoft

Zac Bowden

Microsoft recently announced plans to drop out of the annual Consumer Electronics Show after 2012 due to bad timing of their product release/news milestone. More news has now appeared, stating that the company will not have “significant news,” instead, the keynote will be more of a wrap up for 2011.

Engadget is reporting that a Microsoft will not have any “significant news” to share at 2012’s CES event. After news of the company dropping out of CES due to the event not lining up with Microsoft’s product/news milestone, most turned to believe that Microsoft will make their last CES event a big one, apparently not.

The company will be “focusing quite a bit on Windows Phone and the its Xbox / entertainment story,” as well as “momentum from across the company for Windows, Office, Bing, etc.” The event will not bring any big news, which squashes all rumors of a new Xbox console being revealed at CES 2012.

Microsoft will also not be holding their keynote in the Central Hall exhibit space, where the company would usually hold the conference.