CES 2012: Skype for Windows Phone coming soon

Zac Bowden

Since Microsoft bought Skype back in October of 2011, not much has happened with the software. Rumours are suggesting Skype to be implemented into Windows 8 and Xbox LIVE, but nothing has been made official. At this yeats CES, Microsoft talked about Skype for Windows Phone, and said it was coming soon.

Rick Osterloh, vice president of products at Skype, announced that a Skype client for Windows Phone will be released soon. He said that they are working on a client for the device, but cannot give a release date. He also said that they are working hard to get Skype on more Microsoft products, such as the Xbox 360, and Windows 8.

At this years CES, Microsoft announced that Skype is being used by more than 200 million users a month, and a talking time of 300 billion minutes.