CES 2012: Intel botches live game demo, was instead showing prerecorded gameplay


Wow talk about a new low for a company desperately trying to push a product line by tricking consumers. During the Consumer Electronic Show in Las Vegas, one of Intel’s executives was caught faking a live racing game demo.

During CES 2012, Intel’s Mooley Eden was showcasing the company’s new line of ultra-thin laptops that supposedly had what gamers needed, rapid response time and dense graphics support. Well, there was only one problem. Eden began to “showcase” the laptop’s power by actually playing a game called ‘F1 2011’, but instead of actually playing the game, Eden was playing a pre-recorded footage of the game. Even a playback bar appeared at the bottom of the computer screen giving it all away. In the end, Eden just gave up the charade and admitted it was someone in the back that was actually playing the game and not him. Wow.