Certain Affinity deepens relations with Halo, could benefit Halo Infinite’s update pace

Kareem Anderson

Certain Affinity, the independent gaming studio out of Austin, TX has taken to Twitter to confirm its lending a hand to help “evolve” Halo Infinite.

Using its Twitter handle @CertainAffinity, the studio pulled double duty of announcing that it’s officially coming aboard to help future development of Microsoft’s flagship title, while also pitching job opportunities to help staff several key positions.

While Certain Affinity has been a relative shadow studio made up of ex-Bungie employees and other industry veterans helping on Microsoft titles such as Perfect Dark and the Halo franchise for the past 15 years, the developer also has its own exclusive property it’s been working on for Microsoft’s gaming division.

According to author Jeff Grubb who hosts the gaming centric GrubbSnax show, Certain Affinity is working on a monster hunter type game codenamed Project Suerte for Xbox and Windows.

In addition to the secretive Project Suerte, Windows Central is reporting that today’s announcement from Certain Affinity could also be tied to a new Battle Royale mode codenamed Tatanka that could add a Fortnite-esque feel to Halo Infinite.

Whether or not Halo-nite becomes a reality, Certain Affinity’s help should be very much welcomed by the Halo community as the latest iteration in the franchise has struggled to keep pace with its updated roadmap for bugs and feature releases