CEO Satya Nadella says Microsoft’s 365 businesses could be bigger than anything in their history

Arif Bacchus

During today’s Morgan Stanley Technology Media and Telecom conference in San Francisco, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella made some interesting comments about the future of the company. According to CNBC, the CEO says the Microsoft 365 business could be bigger than anything in the history of the company.

Microsoft already is doing well with Azure and the cloud, but the CEO remarked that Office 365 has the potential for big growth. “The growth opportunity for what is Office 365 is a lot bigger than anything we’ve achieved, even with our high penetration in the client-server world,” said Nadella.

The Microsoft CEO also hyped up the Azure division, and Power BI. “We had a good business in our server business, but this business is orders of magnitude bigger than what used to be a successful server business… We went from nowhere to being the leader in BI in the cloud.” remarked Nadella.

Microsoft saw a 56% year-over-year cloud revenue growth in the most recent quarter, driving a total $28.9 billion in revenue. Azure played a huge real seeing a growth of 98% in the last quarter. Office commercial products and cloud services revenue also grew 10% over the last quarter, so Nadella may very much be right.