Celebrate powerful women with Skype’s new Mojis and emoticons

Kareem Anderson

Skype Group Chat.

While some may argue that emoticons are slowly eroding the use of spatially and grammatically constructed written language, there is no denying their convenience when communicating with a four to six-inch device, on the go.

Unfortunately, emoticons or emojis still have some glaring gaps in their representation. Until recently, everyone’s emotions were represented by bug-eyed yellow-faced people thanks to emojis. Thankfully, emojis are quickly diversifying, and Microsoft’s Skype team is offering mojis that “represent a variety of women and the passions they pursue in their daily lives.”

These Mojis and emoticons are a great connection to our diverse customer population, and I can speak based on my own family and friends. I am excited that the Skype Team is continuing our commitment to recognizing and honoring diversity and inclusion in the creation of our products” – Shinder Dhillon, Senior Director of Microsoft Global Diversity & Inclusion.

In what are being called “Power Women Moji’s,” the Skype team is enabling its users to drop in pictures of women who are interested in business, sports, science, film, healthcare, etc., to help imbue a conversation with the most accurate representation of accomplishment.

Power Women Mojis
Power Women Mojis

While the Skype team has some arguably big gaps to fill regarding functionality across platforms and operating systems, it’s dedication to the enabling of communication of any form, be it video, text, voice or emoji, is among of the best in the business.

The new Power Women Moji’s should be rolling out to users now.