CeBIT 2012: MSI WindPad 110W comes pre-installed with Windows 7


During CeBIT 2012, MSI showcased its WindPad 110W tablet with Windows 7 pre-installed. Not only does this tablet pack a punch, but it is also Windows 8 capable. Might just be a great tablet to consider purchasing for the upcoming Windows 8 release.

So as you can see, the WindPad 110W comes with Windows 7 pre-loaded and features a 10 inch 1280×800 with IPS wide view multi-touch screen. The tablet also comes with an AMD HD 6250 graphics chip as well as front and rear cameras. The tablet also features a one touch button that prevents the screen from rotating, especially useful when reading or browsing the internet. The tablet also comes with a Smart Tracker as well as special hot-key buttons that provide frequently used functions in Windows. Read more about the device on its official product page.

The MSI WindPad 110W features the new AMD Brazos Dual Core CPU and is Windows 8 capable.