Catch the Minecraft Live 2022 livestream on October 15

Robert Collins

Minecraft Live is back for 2022 with another livestream, on October 15 at noon EDT.

Minecraft Live is an event celebrating all things Minecraft, and is packed with everything fans could want: Minecraft news, appearances from Minecraft-related content creators, and more.

At last year’s Minecraft Live event, for instance, developers from Mojang’s Vanilla team introduced us to the (then newly unveiled) The Wild Update. Also, fans were given the opportunity to participate in a mob vote to decide on a new mob for the game, with the allay coming out on top.

The mob vote will return for Minecraft Live 2022. Polls will open on October 14, at noon. A new mob will be voted into the game, and a good time will be had by Minecraft fans all. Voting will be done on a special Bedrock server, via the Minecraft launcher, or on

You can watch Minecraft Live 2022 on, or on Facebook, YouTube, and Twitch.

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