Catch a sneak peek of HP's 9-inch Windows 10 tablet in this Computex video

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Catch a sneak peek of HP's "revolutionary note-taking tablet" in this Computex video

Microsoft’s Surface Pro 3 was released to very positive reviews, due in large part to its impressive pen technology and integration with OneNote; it’s an excellent machine for those with such a need.  Fans of the device were clamoring for a smaller, more portable version that retained all of the note-taking abilities.

Enter HP’s upcoming 9-inch tablet for Windows 10, which company official Mike Nash calls “a revolutionary note-taking tablet”.  What that means precisely, we don’t know.  Is there some specific hardware feature that backs up this claim?  Or is it custom software that HP is including?  Details about the device are scarce at this point.

In any case, Windows Central has found that the tablet can be seen – briefly – in a video taken by a Computex attendee, where it’s previewed 7 minutes and 38 seconds in.  The surrounding bit of footage features some other attractive hardware too, such as the Dell XPS 15.

Computex is currently in progress, and will be throughout this weekend.