car2go delivers official Windows Phone app

Staff Writer


We’re always keen to bring you good news here on WinBeta, especially when it relates to a new Windows Phone app. We previously reported that the rental car company, car2go, was looking for beta testers to help develop its official app for Microsoft’s phone platform. Car2go announced today via Twitter that their app can now be downloaded from the Windows Store.

Car2go is a one-way trip car sharing service and members can use the app to find 12,400 cars in 29 global cities. As you can see from the image above, the cars are small but they get you to where you want to go and once at your destination just park the car and head on your merry way. The one time membership fee also includes gas, insurance and parking. Here are some other things the app will let you do too:

Seamless reservation system, allowing you to make a reservation 30 minutes in advance of a trip
Automatic route guidance to the nearest car2go
Important vehicle information, including estimated distance to nearest car2go, street address where car2go is located and fuel gauge or charge state for each car2go
Ability to open a car2go using your smart phone
Display of all car2go designated parking spaces and “Home Areas” for each city
Catalog of all trips, including departure/destination address and cost for each trip
Radar functionality that sends a push notification when an available car2go is close by

This app joins other car rental services such as Uber on the Windows Phone platform. If you’re interested in the excellent car2go service you can check out their app using the link below.

Developer: car2go Group GmbH
Price: Free