At Cannes Lions 2015, Microsoft demos innovations enabling creativity, insights and doing good

Kellogg Brengel

At Cannes Lions 2015, Microsoft demos innovations enabling creativity, insights and doing good

Microsoft is at Cannes Lion International Festival of Creativity in an effort to appeal to advertising firms and creative communication companies by showcasing new technologies and partnerships.

The Cannes Lion Festival of Creativity is one the largest professional gatherings of advertisers and digital marketers from around the world. Today, Microsoft announced to the non-advertising community more details about their involvement at Cannes Lions. Frank Holland, corporate vice president of Microsoft Advertising and Online, wrote in the Microsoft Advertising blog that Microsoft is at Cannes Lion to help creative professionals turn their concepts into reality with innovative technology. Holland says “at Cannes, we are here with our very latest technology to help empower the global leaders of the creative community to deliver more impactful campaigns, help them achieve more and do good.”

Some of the technologies that will be on display at the Microsoft Beach Club at Cannes Lion are:

“…an interactive light mural using Kinect, an augmented reality experience with blippAR and Windows Phone, Eye Gaze tracking technology on Microsoft Surface for sending tweets using just your eyes, and a Windows 10 demo area to get a taste of what’s to come.”

Microsoft also said they will be showing advertising professionals how to collaborate on the Surface Hub, as well as provide more information on advertiser’s use of data. Their displays will additionally include their Consumer Insights Research project to help “empower marketers with a deeper understanding of the people that make up their audiences.”

The presentations at Microsoft Beach Club will also include partners from Fast Talks, such as The Walking Dead, Coca Cola, and MTV international. One presentation will specifically be dedicated to Microsoft’s work with Create Good partnership, an initiative to pair creatives from the advertising world with causes for social good, such as: Paleo-oncology Research Organization, School of Choice, and the Rainforest Partnership.

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