Can you solve it? Microsoft teases date of next Windows Insider build drop

Zac Bowden

Windows 10

Gabe Aul on Twitter has dropped a single clue which could help us figure out the launch date of the next build drop for Windows Insiders. In response to a question regarding the desktop technical preview, he says “1316” is the key to solving the puzzle.

So far, a number of people are attempted their guess. It appears was a leap year in 1316, and that leap year started on a Thursday, which is today. Not only that, but 16-1-3 = 12, meaning Feb 12th too.

It could also mean 13th and 16th, being desktop launches first and then phone or vice versa. It could literally be anything, let’s hope someone finds the answer soon. Many people have interpreted the clue as something to do with the imminent launch of a phone preview, however the clue Aul has given is in response to a question regarding the desktop Insider Preview.

Hopefully the clue stands for phones too, like everyone seems to believe. But don’t get your hopes up until he at least confirms which OS this clue is for.