Can Windows 8 surpass 3000 apps before launch?

Zac Bowden

There’s only 30 days left before Windows 8 becomes available to all, which means theres only a small amount of time left before general consumers get their hands on the new software. The Windows Store is going to play a big part in its launch, so can Microsoft surpass 3000 apps before its launch?


Windows Store app growth

A recent report from revealed that the Windows Store had surpassed the 2000 app Milestone, which means it now has plenty of apps to choose from. Over the last few weeks, developers have been throwing apps at Microsoft to get them in the Store in time for launch, since stats show more and more apps are being added everyday.

Just to think, that around a month ago there was less than 1000 apps in the store. This was mainly because Microsoft wasn’t accepting paid apps, since the Windows Store was only available on preview builds of Windows 8. Now that’s all changed, developers can’t wait to submit apps and earn some extra cash.

2000+ apps is a healthy amount for a launch product, but can it surpass 3000 before hand? If the store keeps growing at this rate, I wouldn’t be surprised. Developers must see an opportunity with Windows 8, since Windows 8 is Windows, and Windows is currently the number one PC operating system. So lot’s of money to be made here!