You can now play the classical Snake game in Bing's search results page

Hammad Saleem

Bing SNake

The classic Snake game requires no introduction. The concept originated in the late 70s, but gained a lot of popularity after Nokia started putting it in a majority of its phones in 1998. Since then, the game has received a lot of attention, and we saw a number of different versions of it in the following years, such as Snake Xenzia, Snake III and more, which added some new features and enhancements.
If you happen to be a fan of the game, you can now play it directly in your browser in Bing as a part of their Easter Eggs. All you have to do is search for “Snake game” in Bing and it will allow you to directly play the game from the search results page. It can be a good time pass while you’re at work or at home, looking for a simple way to pass the time.
Users can use the arrow keys on the keyboard to play the game and rack up as many points as they can. Unfortunately, it seems the game is not available in all regions. I tried the searching for the game in my region, but it ended up showing me the usual related links, while my colleagues were lucky enough to try the game and bring back old memories.