You can now order Windows 10 Play Anywhere games from the Windows Store

Laurent Giret

ReCore on Xbox One and Windows 10

The Xbox team announced today that Windows 10 users can now pre-order the first Xbox One Play Anywhere titles on the Windows Store. As of today, Gears of War 4, Forza Horizon 3 and Recore are the first three games to be available to pre-order on the digital store with “many more coming” according to the blog post on Xbox Wire.

When you purchase an Xbox Play Anywhere title from the Windows 10 Store or the Xbox universal Store, you will be able to play it on both platforms with no additional cost and your progress and achievements will be saved in the cloud. The Xbox team added:

In all cases, Xbox Play Anywhere titles act as one game with one account and can be accessed across multiple devices. And if you don’t yet own one of these devices, don’t worry, your catalog of Xbox Play Anywhere games lives in the cloud and will be ready to download in the future.

ReCore will be the first Xbox Play Anywhere title to be available in the US on September 13 while Forza Horizon 3 and Gears of War 4 will be available to play on September 23 and October 11, respectively. Overall, there are 12 Xbox Play Anywhere titles in the pipeline for now and all of them are Microsoft Studios titles. This is just the beginning, and other publishers may probably keep a “wait and see” approach as it remain to be seen if Microsoft’s initiative push more gamers to buy digital games instead of physical discs which won’t unlock the Xbox Play Anywhere experience. Let us know in the comments if you would like more publishers to join the Xbox Play Anywhere initiative.