You can get the new faster if you join this waiting list

Laurent Giret

It’s now been more than a month since Microsoft announced that the new was rolling out to all users worldwide, and the Outlook team said at the time that “we are rolling out the new experience to millions of users each week”. However, we have yet to receive the update on some of our personal accounts, and it seems we may be not alone in this case.

Yesterday, we saw on Twitter user Matt Hewitt complaining about it, and he a shared a link that redirects you to an official waiting list that allows you to receive the update faster:

You should see this message after joining the waiting list.
You should see this message after joining the waiting list.

If it works, you’ll get to see the message above. We applied yesterday and we can confirm that it worked for one of our accounts which just got the new interface this morning. However, we didn’t have much luck with another account using a custom domain (through the deprecated Windows Live Custom Domains service), as we got a message saying that “it looks like you’re using some features that we’re not supporting in this program yet”. So, hang on while the team promises that you will also receive the new sooner or later. When the Outlook team first announced the new experience back in May 2015, the team shared at the time that “if you have a custom domain configured on today, it will continue to work after this update.” preview waiting list 2 users using a custom domain are out of luck for now.

So, if you can’t wait to get the new we invite you to try this waiting list! More, we remind you that the Outlook team is also trialing an Premium Pilot program, and you can apply right now to get five personalized email addresses (ie: custom domain for 5 users), an ad-free inbox and more, reportedly free for a year and just $3.99 per month after that.