You can get a Groove Music Pass free for 30 days

Joseph Finney

Now that Microsoft has launched Windows 10 and many Windows 7 users are upgrading, there are some new services which complement the new operating system well. One of those services is a Groove Music Pass which enables users to stream music ad free on their devices. The Groove Music service is a rebrand of Xbox Music which confused some potential customers because they thought they needed an Xbox, but the cost is the same, $10 a month or $100 a year.
If you upgraded to Windows 10 from Windows 7 you may still be stuck in the old mind set of maintaining a curated media collection of MP3s. The modern music management solution would be a Groove Music Pass. This service gives you unlimited access to a massive catalogue of music to stream or download for offline listening. Groove playlists sync across devices and any albums you store on your OneDrive can also be streamed through the Groove app on Windows 10.
Microsoft tweeted about a deal where anyone can try a Groove Music pass for 30 days free. Even if you don’t have Windows 10 installed, there are Groove apps for the Web, Windows 10 Mobile, iPhone, and Android. This service is a simple way to take the hassle out of music and stay square with the law.