Camera app for Windows 10 PC and Mobile receives a new update

Mark Coppock

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If you visit the Windows Store today on your Windows 10 PC or Mobile device and hit the update button, you’ll be served up at least one new update. Specifically, Microsoft has pushed an update for the Camera app on all Windows 10 devices, bringing the version to 2016.107.11.0 from 2015.1215.41.0.

Windows 10 Mobile Camera App Update

We wish we could tell you about all of the nifty new features this update brings, and how the Camera app now lets you videotape unicorns without any tearing, but alas, no such luck. As far as we know, the update brings nothing but the obligatory performance and reliability fixes.

If you discover anything that’s truly new and different with the Camera app, please let us know. Until then, go hit that update button and get that new Camera app installed.

Thanks to WinBeta reader Greg for the tip!

Windows Camera
Windows Camera
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