CallRail Launches Integration with Microsoft Teams

Pranav Bhardwaj

CallRail Integration with Microsoft Teams

CallRail, the lead intelligence platform, has just launched a new integration with the Microsoft Teams communications platform that boosts the speed to lead responses. The integration will provide businesses with automatic notifications of new calls, texts, or form submissions within the Microsoft Teams workspace, without the need to switch apps. This will allow businesses to customize and filter notifications, ensuring that high-value and time-sensitive leads receive immediate attention.

The integration includes a range of features, such as automatic notifications of new calls, texts, or form submissions, which will help ensure that fewer leads are missed. Teams can also match notifications to marketing campaigns so they know the source of every lead before they talk to them. Businesses can reply to SMS texts directly within Microsoft Teams, enabling them to quickly respond to leads without switching between platforms.

“Businesses have multiple priorities competing for their time and attention. By immediately knowing when a lead contacts their business and how often they miss calls, they’re able to expedite the lead response for better conversion rates. CallRail’s Microsoft Teams integration is the latest addition to our ecosystem that not only helps businesses quickly and effectively communicate with leads but eliminates the need to switch between Microsoft Teams and CallRail to gather relevant information,” said Laura Lawrie, Principal Product Manager, Integrations at CallRail.

This is not the first integration of its kind from CallRail. They previously launched a similar integration with Slack, another workforce collaboration platform. This integration sends customers automatic lead notifications and access to daily performance summaries within the workspace. Nearly 2,000 customers currently rely on it for reports and insights into lead activity, including total calls and missed calls in a day.

With the launch of this new integration, CallRail is helping businesses streamline their communication and improve their lead conversion rates. The ability to receive notifications and access performance summaries within the Microsoft Teams workspace will help businesses to prioritize high-value leads and respond to them quickly. The integration will also help businesses to identify trends and opportunities for coaching or training, ensuring that they are making the most of their marketing efforts.