Microsoft is letting you make calls to/from Ukraine on Skype for Free

Arif Bacchus

A new preview version of Skype is now out for Skype Insiders, and there’s a couple of new things to note. The release is mainly centered on Ukraine, with the ability to make phone calls to and from the war-torn country for free.

Now up to build 8.82, this Skype Insider release adds more support for more languages in translated conversations, letting you translate Skype phone calls from and to the Ukrainian language. Also new are “Support Ukraine” emoticons: on all platforms. You can see these by typing out (ukraineheart) (ukrainehandshake) (ukrainepray.) The last change is the addition of the Google Play In-App Billing System. This is for Android devices to purchase credit, subscriptions, and Skype numbers.

If you’re not already a Skype Insider, you can sign up here. You also can learn more about Microsoft’s Ukraine efforts over on the company’s website.