Call of Duty 2019 will see the return of single player campaigns

Kareem Anderson

Call of Duty WWII on Xbox One

Seems as though Activision anticipated the market of shooter games getting crowded in 2019 and looking to an old trick to differentiate itself this year.

The studio behind the Call of Duty gaming franchise will be returning to form, in a way, as it announces the inclusion of a single player campaign once again (via MSPU).

Prior to the boon in battle royal deathmatches and massive online multiplayer shootouts, gamers relied on a dedicated single-player campaign to help as a sort of tutorial for in-the-field strategies, the familiarity of character rosters, terrain memorization and weapons training for subsequent multiplayer matches.

However, as studios focused more attention to the feature set of the multiplayer campaigns, less attention was paid to the single-player campaign and thus the narrative to the game.

During the company’s most recent earnings call Activision explained that it would be bringing back single player mode for its 2019 Call of Duty release.

While on its face, Activision’s decision to reopen its single-player campaign may seem trivial as games without it have thrived; bringing back its story mode may be just the break gamers need from the increasingly crowded arena of mindless battle in 2019.