Microsoft set to retire the calendar board view in Outlook for web this month

Kevin Okemwa

automatic responses in Microsoft Outlook

In 2021, Microsoft debuted the calendar board view in Outlook for web as part of its time management features on the platform. The feature was designed to transform the calendar experience on the platform by allowing users to organize and manage calendars as well as meetings.

However, this experience will soon be coming to an end.  The company details that there are plans to end support for the feature this month, After which users can no longer access their boards. Instead, they will be redirected to a supported calendar view automatically.

Microsoft further highlighted that:

  • Your content (calendars, emails, notes, tasks and files) will remain in your account and you can still access them using the respective apps.
  • In Outlook settings (Privacy and data), you can export the metadata of your boards. This can be useful if you want to back up any links you had on your board for future reference.
  • URLs to calendar boards will be redirected to a supported calendar view.

The feature created a more sophisticated experience compared to the basic display and features on a supported calendar view. Essentially, the calendar board view in Outlook for web features a customizable visual planner that can display multiple calendars simultaneously, thus making it easier for users to plan accordingly.

Moreover, it also features clocks for different time zones and task lists from Microsoft To Do. It also made it easier for users to create multiple boards and reorder them based on preference. However, you’ll no longer be able to leverage these capabilities from next month. “Calendar board view is not available to GCC/GCCH/DOD Microsoft 365 customers,” says Microsoft.

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