Installer for unreleased clip saver and organizer Cache leaks

Dennis Bednarz

Remember OneClip? Or Cache? We wrote about it leaking recently, and today, we have more to share. Not only screenshots though, but a whole installer.

Windows Blog Italia updated their recent article on the subject, including more screenshots, a leaked installer that didn’t really work and a video. Then another file was leaked, and it unlocked the utility allowing everyone with a Microsoft account to use it.

The app works really well and has even helped writing this article. It is a little rough around the edges but the main functionality works. The only thing I’ve noticed that is broken is the “Edit image” button that can be found when you press the three dot menu as in the image below. The right click button for “Edit image” did work, as expected, however.

The app is clearly a legacy Win32 program that just looks like a UWP. It has some characteristics of old non-UWP programs and power users will notice the difference between Cache and an actual UWP. The decision to not use the new universal platform for this tool was probably caused by some lacking APIs for the newer platform, as explained in this article.

Before downloading, please make sure that you know the risks of using this application. It is not officially released by Microsoft and has been confirmed to be modified which could mean potential malware risks like keyloggers or trojan horses. WinBeta takes no responsibility for the result of you downloading this application to your machine.

Having that said, you can go to this link and follow the instructions from there, but you may need a translator.