What businesses are saying about the new Microsoft

Kareem Anderson

While many Windows enthusiast and fans are still reeling from an impressive Microsoft two-hour keynote, it may be the business customers reap the most benefits from today’s announcements. On stage today, executive vice president of Windows Terry Myerson shared some stellar Windows numbers. According to Myerson, Windows is now on more than 110 million devices, and 8 million of them happen to be on business PCs already.
While listening to the head of Windows boast about the success of the Microsoft’s latest operating system is to be expected, hearing from actual business customers may be what actually sells more Windows licenses.

By optimizing the Spark 3D printing platform for Windows 10, we are empowering both Windows users and Microsoft developers to tap the potential of additive manufacturing.” Samir Hanna, Vice President and General Manager, Consumer and 3DPrinting, Autodesk
With DocuSign for Windows 10, users can complete agreements and keep business moving forward anywhere, anytime – whether on a phone, tablet, or personal computer.”- Matt Malden, Chief Product Officer, DocuSign

The compliments aren’t limited to just Windows either. Microsoft’s hardware initiatives are finally beginning to resonate with customers.

Windows 10 on Surface 3 provides the security and management we need in a highly regulated environment. We made the decision early to use Windows 10 and deploy it immediately. Today, it is the most secure platform from Microsoft, and we didn’t see a need to wait.” Jim Jensen, Vice President of Information Technology at SkyWest, Inc

Our old friends from the Cambridgeshire Police force in the U.K. chimed in with some enthusiastic words about Microsoft’s upcoming phone efforts. We’ve been reporting on Cambridgeshire for a few months now, and its utilization of Microsoft software and hardware in its daily activities. It would appear their support for the company continues.

Continuum for phone on new Lumia flagships brings an opportunity to drastically rethink the way we deliver our client services. By allowing our officers to dock their phones, we believe they will ultimately be more productive – in and out of the police station.” Cambridgeshire Police, UK

Windows 10 has been on the market for a little over two months and for most, the experience isn’t as polished as it could be. Microsoft has shown a roadmap that details another significant update to the operating system coming down the pipeline sometime next month. Understandably, many business customers are a bit apprehensive on updating to the newest OS, especially after an arguably poor Windows 8 experience for many.
However, Microsoft appears to be quickly addressing issues, and the Windows 10 package in its entirety seems appealing to many businesses looking to upgrade.

Improved security, a better user experience, and a host of new features. We’re getting ready for migration to Windows 10 on all 220,000 laptops – can’t come soon enough!” PWC

Hopefully, Microsoft continues to manage the warm reception Windows 10 is getting in the press, among users, and in the enterprise space. As Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella reiterated on stage today, the company is still transitioning from a ‘needed’ company to a ‘wanted’ company. Judging by the comments above, it’s doing a decent job right now.