Businesses find traffic from Bing more valuable than Google visitors

Brad Stephenson

As important as it is for online businesses to attract large numbers of visitors to their sites, something much more integral to a company’s success is making sure all of those visitors are high quality and actually have an interest in the product or service being offered.

Two quotes from business owners in a recent post on the official Bing Ads blog suggest that visitors bought to a website from the Bing are more valuable than those funnelled in from other search engines such as Google or Yahoo.

The first mention of Bing’s possible benefits comes from Too Faced’s senior manager of digital marketing Krysta Brown who claims that, “We’re driving a higher percentage of new visitors through Bing, as compared to our paid search efforts on other search engines and we see higher conversion rates with a lower investment,” when discussing her company’s paid search strategy.

Brown’s success in attracting quality visitors from Bing is related to the Bing Ads product rather than the Bing search engine itself but the second mention, by Wheelhouse DMG’s vice president of digital advertising, David Kennedy, specifically calls out the benefits of organic search results on Bing.

“We find the traffic driven from Bing to be slightly more valuable than from other engines,” he says before also praising Bing Ads as well. “Another area of growth over these past few years has been the implementation of new ad extensions of which we have definitely tried to take advantage.”

Do you get better search results as a Bing user or does your business attract better targeted traffic from Microsoft’s search engine? Let us know about your experience in the comments below.