Bungie is prepping Destiny 2 for E3 and beyond, thanks to feedback from Destiny’s last update

Kit McDonald

The annual entertainment convention E3 is coming up quick. On June 11, the Los Angeles Convention Center will be swarming with gaming news that will knock some off their feet. Of course, leading up to the big week, Bungie is already making preparations to show off their next title: Destiny 2.

But the title still has a long way to go. As we move towards the estimated September 8 release, Destiny 2 has a few stops to make along the way. According to the recent blog post, not only will we be seeing the gameplay at E3, but an open beta will be introduced throughout the summer where the team hopes that players of the original Destiny will be able to share their experiences.

This is a follow up on Destiny’s Age of Triumph content update, which was released on March 28. It was the last release for the game, making all raids offer max level gear and taking out all the stops to progress characters to their highest potentials. But there’s still a lot to be said about the game’s balance, play, and overall performance, and customers haven’t relented in posting on their forums.

Destinty 2 on Xbox One

Of course, even though there is still plenty of feedback regarding it, Bungie has confirmed that all hands are now focused on the next title instead. “Our sole focus at this time is Destiny 2,” stated Community Manager David Dague. “Our hope is that you’ll sense what all your feedback has meant to us.”

We’ve seen enough to whet our appetite for the sequel from trailers, screenshots, and the gameplay premiere event. This is the same gameplay that will be available at E3, letting players tackle the first mission of Destiny 2, enter the Crucible, and team up with others to try the new game modes including the introduction of the new subclass Arcstrider Hunter.