Bungie extends Destiny 2 Open Beta through Tuesday, July 25

Laurent Giret

Good news for console gamers wanting to spend more time in the much-awaited Destiny 2 Open Beta: Developer Bungie announced yesterday that the beta period has been extended through tomorrow, July 25 at 6 PM PDT (via Neowin). In the tweet announcing the news, Bungie shared that this slightly longer beta will allow the developer to do “additional service testing.”

The open beta kicked off on July 19 for Xbox One gamers who pre-ordered the game, and it was expanded to Xbox Live Gold subscribers two days laters on July 21. As a reminder, here are the main features available in the open beta:

  • Play the opening story mission of the cinematic campaign
  • Take on the enemy threat in a 3 player Cooperative Strike
  • Put your competitive multiplayer skills to the test against others in 4v4 matches
  • Fight solo, alongside your friends or match-make with other Guardians

You can download the Destiny 2 Open Beta from the Xbox Store, but you can also get it from the Microsoft online store over here. The game will be released on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and Windows on September 6, and we hope Bungie will make good use of all the feedback to polish the game and its servers.