Building a Cloud that Fits: BMC Software Offers Policy Control and Customisation to Cloud Customers


– Gartner analyst confirms business need for customising cloud services
– Fujitsu Finland turns to BMC to build enterprise-class cloud infrastructure
– BMC introduces first, platform-agnostic solution for delivering and governing internal and external cloud services

HOUSTON, January 11, 2011 – As cloud computing continues to top the list of priorities for IT organisations, BMC Software (NASDAQ: BMC) is at the forefront of helping customers embrace the next important phase in cloud computing, namely, controlled customisation of cloud environments to meet each organisation’s specific needs.

“Enterprises want the benefits of cloud computing using their existing IT infrastructure, and not have to rip-and-replace in order to evolve to the cloud,” said Donna Scott, vice president and distinguished analyst at Gartner, Inc. “As a result, enterprises should assess solutions on their ability to work with existing infrastructure as well as offer both standardised and customised cloud solutions.”

BMC is extending its leadership in cloud service management with the announcement that the upcoming version of its Cloud Lifecycle Management solution is being made available today to an exclusive group of enterprises and service providers.

“Fujitsu Finland is designing a cloud infrastructure that meets the stringent needs of our enterprise customers needing high SLAs, strict compliance and the assurance of an enterprise-class cloud,” said Anneli Martonen, director of Information Systems and Core Services at Fujitsu. “We’ve selected BMC Software as a partner to build this cloud due to the robustness and flexibility of their solutions.”

The new capabilities of BMC Cloud Lifecycle Management are designed to enable Cloud administrators to easily and flexibly customise their cloud to meet business users’ demands, while concurrently maintaining control and reducing complexity.

“Enterprise IT organisations and service providers want the benefits of enterprise-class cloud computing without the fear of hardware, or platform lock in,” said Kia Behnia, BMC’s chief technology officer. “BMC provides a secure, scalable and flexible Cloud Service Management platform with comprehensive virtualisation platform and hardware support.”

BMC is achieving its cloud management vision alongside several world-class partners — including Cisco and NetApp — whose contributions deepen and extend the flexibility and strength of its cloud offerings.

– “As cloud services become critical to gaining business advantage, our customers are looking for ways to more efficiently deliver and manage those cloud services,” said Joe Wojtal, vice president, Service Provider Solutions for Cisco. “We are working closely with BMC to combine the new version of BMC’s Cloud Lifecycle Management solution with Cisco’s Unified Service Delivery solution to simplify the management of large-scale, multi-tenant cloud computing infrastructures with one-click provisioning of new cloud services.”
– The combined strengths of BMC’s Cloud Lifecycle Management and the NetApp® Unified Architecture provide flexible, efficient environments that help customers transition to shared IT infrastructures,” said Patrick Rogers, vice president of Alliances and Solutions for NetApp. “In order to efficiently manage their cloud infrastructure, our customers require a comprehensive management platform with the sophistication and functionality of the BMC and NetApp integrated solution.”

The upcoming release of BMC’s Cloud Lifecycle Management solution introduces the industry’s first, purpose-built, platform-agnostic Service Governor, which is a powerful tool that applies IT policies to automatically guide the initial placement and ongoing management of cloud services, rather than requiring manual effort. This solution is designed to support heterogeneity and prevent lock-in in both public and private cloud environments.

The Service Governor is supported by a robust Service Blueprint abstraction architecture. Service Blueprints define the structure, configuration and interconnectivity between components of a single or multi-tier application. Each cloud service can be sized upon deployment to accommodate different resource needs and scalability requirements.

The enhanced solution is designed to support customisation of clouds, rigorous control of cloud services and choice of platforms and hardware, all to best meet the organisation’s business needs.

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