Builder takes Minecraft out of this world with a ‘Galaxy Hub’

Kit McDonald

Mojang has highlighted another community builder project, only this time, it’s a bit more extraterrestrial. French builder ‘The Perfection’ is a member of Rossignol, a Minecraft building team that has created some impressive projects such their Anne Caudry 2017 and Thamos. But it’s the Galaxy Hub shared on Planet Minecraft with large cosmos in a mini- galaxy that caught Mojang’s attention.

According to the interview, The Perfection first started playing Minecraft because they wanted a game that he could play quietly. Now, nearly five years later and inspired “by some planets”, the creator has built the perfect spawn for anyone that loves space.

The hub spawns the player on its central planet, Earth, and gives the illusion of an infinite galaxy around it for the player to view. “The hardest part was finding out how to make a spawn ambience in space by making planets, asteroids or other things that one can find in space,” he explained to Mojang. Sure enough, the edges of the map are littered with pixel-art of stars, comets, galaxies, and sure enough, other planets.

The project isn’t available for download quite yet, but you can support The Perfection and Galaxy Hub by visiting the Planet Minecraft page.