WinBeta Podcast 13: BUILD – iOS and Android porting, HoloLens, and an epic party to celebrate

Sean Michael

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This week’s podcast is our Build Conference special. Build is one of the biggest events of the year for us here so we went a little bit crazy in this week’s podcast. If you usually only listen to the audio you’ll want to check out our video reactions to some of the biggest Microsoft and Windows news we’ve had in a long time. Hint: It involves balloons, noise makers, and some tremendous acting.

With iOS and Android apps becoming able to be ported to Windows, HoloLens blowing our minds with a demonstration, and the official announcement of the name of Microsoft’s new browser built for Windows 10, there’s plenty to catch up on. We’ve embedded the Youtube and SoundCloud versions of our podcast below as well as links to articles we discussed.

We have our live podcast each week at 3pm EDT and put the audio and video up the next day. Next week is another conference, Ignite, and we’ll be covering news from that as well as all of the latest and greatest news related to Microsoft and Windows.

There’s dozens of stories related to Build and an entire section of our website dedicated to it but here’s a few of the main ones that we discussed: