Build 2021: Microsoft adds GUI Linux app support to the WSL, new Windows Terminal capabilities

Arif Bacchus

Though Azure, Teams, and Microsoft 365 are usually the focus of Microsoft’s Build developer conference, Windows 10 also is in the spotlight a bit, too.

Microsoft announced several developer-themed updates for Windows 10, including support for GUI Linux apps in the Windows Subsystem for Linux, and some new Windows Terminal capabilities.

We’ll start first with the Windows Terminal News. With Windows Terminal 1.9, now in preview, Microsoft is including a new “Quake Mode” feature. While the name might sound odd, this feature allows you to quickly open up a new terminal window from anywhere in Windows 10, using a quick keyboard shortcut. As you may recall, Windows Terminal was first added in 2019 to Windows 10, for those who run command lines in Windows 10.

Now, for the GUI Linux apps in the Windows Subsystem for Linux. This was previously tested with Windows Insiders, but Microsoft now says that this is available for developers to leverage. “WSL allows users to run their favorite Linux tools, utilities, and apps for developer workflows. This new feature expands its support to include GUI apps that work right out of the box,” said Microsoft.

Build 2021 runs all through May 27, and we have all the action covered. Check out our Build news hub for all the latest news.