Build 2020: Microsoft introduces a Bing WORK results page, new features for Bing for Commerce

Dave W. Shanahan

Bing Homepage

Announced at Build 2020, the Bing WORK results page is now generally available. When enabled by administrators, Microsoft 365 subscribers will be able to see a webpage labeled “WORK” appear alongside their Bing search results in Microsoft Edge. The Bing WORK page in Edge will let workers see work-specific Bing search results from their organization’s Microsoft 365 content.

The WORK page will display work-specific content such as files, contacts, and internal websites. By the end of June 2020, when Power BI integration becomes generally available, Microsoft 365 subscribers will have access to Power BI dashboards and reports. The Bing WORK search results and the Power BI integration will use Microsoft Search to gather insights from the Microsoft Graph in order to search through all of an organization’s Microsoft 365 content.

In addition, Microsoft is planning on adding new features to Bing for Commerce, an all-new digital commerce machine-learning platform. Bing for Commerce will allow Microsoft partners to develop and enhance their own search rankings. By utilizing machine learning in digital commerce, Bing for Commerce will allow Microsoft partners to see and address retail issues from one simplified dashboard.

Enterprise retail teams that utilize existing DevOps practices will also benefit from Bing for Commerce. There will be no need for additional tools to support version history and staging environments. Bing for Commerce will enable DevOps integration to add to a new or existing pipeline. Microsoft is releasing the first version of the Bing for Commerce SDK for developers. The Bing for Commerce SDK will help developers integrate Bing for Commerce in whichever programming language they currently use, including Java, C# and Python, among others.