Build 2018: The Big Sleep

Dave W. Shanahan

Build 2018 was nothing compared to previous years Build events for Microsoft. Build 2018 was the most boring event to watch. While I understand that the event is for developers, and what developers can do to earn revenue with Microsoft partners, products, and services. Build 2018 was the most hyped Microsoft event of the year. However, I could barely stay awake for the livestreams.

At Build 2018, Microsoft showcased more about Fluent Design, “Your Phone,” and some Ubuntu support for Linux for Windows 10 on ARM. A new Cortana UI was mentioned, and Project Kinect, but Microsoft wasn’t showing how the company can “do more” for developers. Instead, Build 2018 showed developers that Microsoft can do more of the same.

By comparison, Microsoft made some major moves at Build 2017. Microsoft demonstrated all the new features available in the Windows 10 Fall Creators Update. Windows 10 Mixed Reality was announced and new partnerships led to some exciting new VR headsets that would be released along with the Fall Creators Update. Build 2017 was actually exciting and got me interested in what the company was creating and developing.

This year, I found much of Microsoft’s presentation lacking, probably because I expected more big announcements on the consumer-facing side of Microsoft. I understand that there is a lot of value in IoT, AI, and Office 365 for the enterprise market, but nothing in particular inspired me about Build 2018 this year. Am I wrong? What do you think Microsoft’s offering at Build 2018?