Build 2017: Microsoft announces .NET Core 2.0 Preview 1

Michael Cottuli

Microsoft has released the very first preview for .NET Core 2.0, opening up some new opportunities for developers who frequently used the first iteration of .NET Core. You can check out the full blog post for some information on the release, but we’ll cover the highlights of .NET Core 2.0 right here.

Linux Binaries
The ‘generic’ Linux binary archives are new for the 2.0 release. This package contains binaries which are compatible with Linux distros and versions supported by .NET Core. This will also enable you to experiment with Distros not present on the supported list but are libc compatible.

OpenSSL is no longer needed on OSX
We have made changes to the crypto libraries to take advantage of services available natively in macOS.

Runtime Package Store
The runtime package store enables creating a precompiled cache of common libraries which can be centrally provisioned and not deployed to every application reducing deployment size and time.

Separate Host Executables
Portable and Standalone applications now use separate host executables. This enables developers building Standalone applications to sign the host executable with their publisher signature.

And even more …
Portable binary archives for all platforms
Support for Linux Arm builds
Windows Arm32 and Arm64 builds

This is just the first preview version of the app, so there’s no telling just how much it’s going to change as development keeps moving forward. Keep an eye out for more updates on the .NET Core 2.0 Github page.