Build 2016: Video bots are being added to Skype

Michael Cottuli

Lilian Rincon, Skype’s Group Program Manager, came out on stage during Build 2016 to talk about how intelligence is going to be added to the Skype experience going forward.

One of the most interesting parts of her presentation was the announcement that “video bots” are going to be added in the future, and the tools to create them are being made available to developers right now. These video bots are going to give Skype users the opportunity to interact with characters and businesses via a virtual personality through Skype video. No specifics were made available as to how exactly these video bots are going to interact with customers, but with the technology now available, developers are going to have a field day finding new and interesting ways to use these bots to interact with users.

Build is one of the biggest events of the year for Microsoft enthusiasts. The conference serves as a time for developers and consumers alike to get together and listen as Microsoft tells us all of the plans for the future. With HoloLens about to break ground in consumer technology and Microsoft Surface ready to move into its next stages, Build 2016 is shaping up to be an extremely significant event.