Bug prevents Windows PCs from restoring from recovery discs

Kevin Okemwa


Windows users opting to restore a device using a physical disc instead of a USB may run into an issue. It’s been reported that users running on Windows 10 versions 1607 and up or any Windows 11 version with a Windows update installed from January 11 or later will no longer be able to restore their data from a recovery disc. (via Windows Central)

Microsoft is yet to identify the root cause of this problem. Although, they have indicated that they are currently working on a fix that is set to be released in the form of a future update. Microsoft has the following message about the issue.

After installing the Windows updates released January 11, 2022 or later Windows versions on an affected version of Windows, recovery discs (CD or DVD) created by using the Backup and Restore (Windows 7) app in Control Panel might be unable to start.

Do note that if your device is still running on an update that predates January 11, you will still be able to restore your information from recovery discs without any hindrances. With that said, the Backup and Restore app plays a crucial role during the restoration process and even though it bears the Windows 7 name it also functions well on Windows 11 devices. As an alternative, while Microsoft works on a fix, you can backup and restore your files in Windows 11 through System Image backup.