More bug fixes for Minecraft ahead of big new MineCon reveals in latest Snapshot

Arif Bacchus

Last week, the folks over at Mojang delivered a new experimental Minecraft Snapshot with internal changes, improvements and “some new bugs.” Today, the Minecraft developer is at it again, and ahead of some big new MineCon reveals, has released a new Snapshot with more bug fixes for Minecraft.

The list of changes from the Snapshot are once again very comprehensive in length, and Mojang is calling for you to report any bugs. Please see the changelog with the biggest changes below.

Noteable Changes:

  • Shields will now keep enchantment level and durability when crafted with banners
  • Added an infinite loop
  • Added some more subtitles
  • More things will burn in the furnace (we don’t recommend wool as your main fuel though, and don’t even want to mention carpets…)
  • We have not lowered the range for using beds (we did add a proper error message though 🙂 )
  • Fixed some crashes
  • Removed the infinite loop again, it took too long to finish

Just like last week, there is also a long list of bug fixes which have made their way into the Snapshot. For the full list, you can click here, but we have included a few of the bug fixes below.

  • [Bug MC-4582] – Can’t eat, throw, or shoot while looking at an Iron Door/Iron Trapdoor
  • [Bug MC-5330] – Range for using bed is lower than normal range
  • [Bug MC-9691] – Inconsistency: Some wooden items don’t burn in furnaces
  • [Bug MC-14525] – name tag item doesn’t work on entities with right click ability
  • [Bug MC-30630] – Double grass and fern use 2 different biome colors for top and bottom.

In addition to this Snapshot, the Minecraft team is also teasing that there will be larger new features coming soon as part of a surprise as MineCon. The MineCon event will happen September 24-25 in Anaheim, California and will feature like-minded Minecraft community members, famous YouTubers, Mojang team members, and more.